Make sure that all functions can be reached and used with only the keyboard

All functions on a website must be accessible and usable with only the keyboard. Some visitors cannot use a mouse, for example due to a visual or motor impairment. If all functionality can be operated with the keyboard, then it also works with a large number of assistive technologies. Therefore, make sure that components such as links, buttons, navigation, input fields, check boxes, radio buttons, list boxes, and all other interactive features can receive keyboard focus and be used.

Standard HTML elements for links, buttons and form elements on the website are easily accessible with the keyboard.

The default keyboard navigation is as follows:

  • The TAB navigates the keyboard focus forward.
  • The SHIFT + TAB navigates keyboard focus backwards.
  • Use the arrow keys to navigate in grouped menus or radio buttons.

Visitors using the keyboard use the TAB key to navigate through a website. The TAB key moves the keyboard focus to the next focusable item.