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Would you like to get a first impression of the accessibility of your website? Request a quick scan. We will then map out the most important recommendations to get you started.

Do you have a legal accessibility obligation? We will then conduct a full evaluation and report on it in conformance with the WCAG-EM. You can easily upload the results to an accessibility statement database. You will also receive the report in a PDF form. And we will also explain the evaluation results if required.

About us has been sharing knowledge in the field of digital accessibility since 2016. Fueled by the experiences from our own projects, we have in the early years actively shared knowledge with other, often smaller, internet agencies. At the end of 2019, leading up to the legislation in September 2020, the WCAG team grew strongly. In particular, due to legislation, the number of audits (evaluations) increased explosively. Various tools have been developed to make the work of auditors and clients easier.

What our customers say

“ has tested our product for accessibility requirements. Digital access for everyone is a high priority at Deedmob and has professionally tested and supported us in this goal.’s method of working is known for its knowledge and expertise and acts as a good and critical partner in this process.”

“With their tactful and independent approach, has made the difference in how accessible the (sub) sites of our municipality are. To increase our accessibility, they approached our colleagues and suppliers with enormous expertise and a positive outlook. We would definitely recommend them as a partner.”

“It is useful to me as a communications officer that I have a helpdesk where I can ask all my questions about accessibility. Super nice, fast and, above all with practical tips that are immediately useful to me.”

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Free web scan

Are you not yet familiar with digital accessibility? We are happy to assist you! You can start with our free web scan. It scans your page at about 20% of the guidelines and gives you a first impression of accessibility. Would you like to know more? Please contact us for an extensive quick scan.

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