Add an audio description to videos

Not all information available in videos is conveyed with sound. Some things can be seen but cannot be heard. This visual information must be added to the video with an audio description. In an audio description, a voice-over describes important visible images that cannot be deduced from what can be heard in the video. This can, for example, include actions, persons, but also text that can only be seen in the image. This takes place when there are pauses in the original sound of the video. This way visitors who are blind or visually impaired can also follow the video well.

There are several ways to add an audio description: added in the sound of the movie or added as an alternative audio track.

Note: An extra audio track is not (yet) supported by the major video platforms.

An audio description should be synchronized as much as possible with the visible information.

An audio description is not always necessary for videos. If all visible information can also be heard, then it is not mandatory. An audio description should only be added to moving images if no transcript is available.