Add a transcript to sound clips and moving images

All sound clips and moving images must have a transcript. A transcript can also be a valuable addition to videos. A transcript is a written text describing everything that can be seen, heard and done. For example, all spoken text, but also the important images and sounds. Any interactive elements, such as a link, should also be included in a transcript.

A good transcript:

  • contains all spoken text.
  • describes all important images.
  • describes all the important sounds.
  • contains all links.
  • describes who speaks when it is important.
  • emphasizes the speaker’s volume when it is important.

A transcript should be easily accessible for all visitors. Always place a transcript, or a link to the transcript directly below the code of the media file.

A transcript must always be added to sound clips. For the moving images, a transcript should only be added if no audio description is available. For videos, this is only required when there are interactive elements present in the video.